Subject: Re: building for multiple archs from a read-only tree
To: Olaf Seibert <>
From: Simon Burge <>
List: current-users
Date: 03/31/2001 12:18:23
Olaf Seibert wrote:

> On Thu 29 Mar 2001 at 22:45:26 -0800, Matt Thomas wrote:
> > With those two set, you can do a make snapshot out of a read-only source
> > tree.
> Does it also mean you don't need to run make obj anymore?
> That would save a lot of time, especially on my poor VAX...

Unfortunately no...  You still need to create the empty directories
under ${MAKEOBJDIRPREFIX}.  The way it works is that if
${MAKEOBJDIRPREFIX}/`pwd` exists, make will run in that directory.  If
the directory isn't there, then it will run in `pwd`.

FWIW, I don't run "make obj" all the time - I have /usr/src null mounted
read-only and "make build" will bomb out if an obj directory doesn't

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