Subject: Re: hangs with NFS
To: None <>
From: Izumi Tsutsui <>
List: current-users
Date: 03/29/2001 03:16:39
In <> wrote:

> with recent -current kernels I experience strange hangs when NFS is used.
> NFS server is a NetBSD 1.5, client -current as of today. My home dir is on
> the server.
> Anyone else seen this ?

I'm annoyed by the same problem, too.

My server is NetBSD/arm32 1.5S (CATS) and
NetBSD/hp300 1.5S and NetBSD/newsmips 1.5S hang
when they try to read files on the NFS server.

news68k, i386, pmax and macppc (they are also 1.5S) do not
have the problem, and 1.5.1_ALPHA i386 also hangs on access to
1.5S i386 server. Before upgrading server to 1.5S from 1.5,
there was no problem, so I guess it is not client problem.

According to tcpdump output, it seems that the server replies to
the clients' request, but clients do not response it at all.

15:12:02.066040 > 112 read [|nfs]
15:12:02.066477 > reply ok 1472 read (frag 58869:1480@0+)
15:12:02.066524 > (frag 58869:1480@1480+)
15:12:02.066535 > (frag 58869:1480@2960+)
15:12:02.066544 > (frag 58869:1480@4440+)
15:12:02.066917 > (frag 58869:1480@5920+)
15:12:02.066926 > (frag 58869:900@7400)

Izumi Tsutsui