Subject: Re: status of the thorpej_scsipi code
To: Manuel Bouyer <>
From: David Forbes <>
List: current-users
Date: 03/28/2001 20:02:02
Dear All,

For those who might want any easy way to compile an i386 test kernel, I've
added this source tree (as of last night) to the web-based kernel builder,



On Tue, 27 Mar 2001, Manuel Bouyer wrote:

> Hi,
> This is a status update about the thorpej_scsipi branch (and request for
> testers :)
> - Most MI drivers compiles (i386/GENERIC compiles all but ahc). For now only
>   atapi and siop have been tested on i386. esp on sparc and si on sun3 should
>   be OK, although I didn't test since the last merge.
> - Some MD drivers have not been touched yet; especially amiga, arm32, mvme68k
>   pc532, pmax and vax are known to not compile yet (which doesn't mean that
>   all other compiles :)
>   Known GENERIC to compile are i386 and sparc64; I just started alpha and
>   sparc. Tranfers of the source tree on a sun3 is on its way.
> It's now in a state where I need help to test the various drivers, because
> I don't have all the hardware we support. I easily check that GENERIC compiles
> for sparc, sparc64, i386, alpha, pmax, vax and m68k ports (although if someone
> has a faster vax or m68k box than I do, feel free to give it a try :)
> I can test MI siop on i386 and alpha, atapi, sbus esp on sparc & sparc64, si on
> sun3. I should be able to test ahc on i386 once I get it compile again. I may
> also be able to find some old SCSI adapters, I'll have to look at this.
> So for all other ports or driver I rely on peoples trying it out (well, if
> nobody tries it it'll be tested when pulled up to -current ;)
> In syssrc/sys I commited a STATUS file (in the branch), in which known states
> of MI drivers and port are maintained. Check this to see if you have hardware
> that could help, and report me if something needs to be changed in the file
> (developers are welcome to update the file themselves :)
> You can get the sources use anoncvs with 'cvs co -r thorpej_scsipi syssrc'
> or 'cvs up -dPA -r thorpej_scsipi' if you have an existing source tree.
> see
> if you don't know how to use anoncvs.
> Alternatively I can make tar.gz archives of the sources available if needed.
> I just updated the branch (so you may want to wait a bit for anoncvs servers
> to sync) to the last -current. The corresponding -current sources are tagged
> with thorpej_scsipi_base
> Please try it, and report any success of problems !
> --
> Manuel Bouyer, LIP6, Universite Paris VI. 
> --