Subject: status of the thorpej_scsipi code
To: None <>
From: Manuel Bouyer <>
List: current-users
Date: 03/27/2001 18:40:13
This is a status update about the thorpej_scsipi branch (and request for
testers :)
- Most MI drivers compiles (i386/GENERIC compiles all but ahc). For now only
  atapi and siop have been tested on i386. esp on sparc and si on sun3 should
  be OK, although I didn't test since the last merge.
- Some MD drivers have not been touched yet; especially amiga, arm32, mvme68k
  pc532, pmax and vax are known to not compile yet (which doesn't mean that
  all other compiles :)
  Known GENERIC to compile are i386 and sparc64; I just started alpha and
  sparc. Tranfers of the source tree on a sun3 is on its way.

It's now in a state where I need help to test the various drivers, because
I don't have all the hardware we support. I easily check that GENERIC compiles
for sparc, sparc64, i386, alpha, pmax, vax and m68k ports (although if someone
has a faster vax or m68k box than I do, feel free to give it a try :)
I can test MI siop on i386 and alpha, atapi, sbus esp on sparc & sparc64, si on
sun3. I should be able to test ahc on i386 once I get it compile again. I may
also be able to find some old SCSI adapters, I'll have to look at this.
So for all other ports or driver I rely on peoples trying it out (well, if
nobody tries it it'll be tested when pulled up to -current ;)

In syssrc/sys I commited a STATUS file (in the branch), in which known states
of MI drivers and port are maintained. Check this to see if you have hardware
that could help, and report me if something needs to be changed in the file
(developers are welcome to update the file themselves :)

You can get the sources use anoncvs with 'cvs co -r thorpej_scsipi syssrc'
or 'cvs up -dPA -r thorpej_scsipi' if you have an existing source tree.
if you don't know how to use anoncvs.
Alternatively I can make tar.gz archives of the sources available if needed.
I just updated the branch (so you may want to wait a bit for anoncvs servers
to sync) to the last -current. The corresponding -current sources are tagged
with thorpej_scsipi_base

Please try it, and report any success of problems !

Manuel Bouyer, LIP6, Universite Paris VI.