Subject: Re: ssh is no longer installed suid
To: Wolfgang Rupprecht <>
From: Jared D. McNeill <>
List: current-users
Date: 03/26/2001 12:28:55
Quoting Wolfgang Rupprecht <>:
>     Mar 26 08:09:49 capsicum inetd[27505]: connection from localhost,
> service ssh (tcp6)
>     Mar 26 08:09:49 capsicum sshd[27505]: Disabling protocol version 2.
> Could not load host key
>     Mar 26 08:09:49 capsicum sshd[27505]: Generating 768 bit RSA key.
>     Mar 26 08:09:49 capsicum sshd[27505]: RSA key generation complete.
>     Mar 26 08:09:50 capsicum sshd[27505]: Accepted rsa for wolfgang from
> ::1 port 49212

It seems that you need to explicitly tell sshd (in sshd.conf) where to find the 
dsa key. I forget the exact syntax, but I'm pretty sure you just say:

 HostKey /etc/ssh_dsa_host_key

Or whatever the filename is.. I had the same problem and adding that like to 
sshd.conf fixed the problem for me.


Jared D. McNeill -
Computer Programming Technology
New Brunswick Community College, Saint John