Subject: Has anyone tried building -current as non-root from scratch recently?
To: None <>
From: Andrew van der Stock <>
List: current-users
Date: 03/25/2001 17:30:52
I've just downloaded -current via CVS, chown'd them to me (a non-privileged
user), and as that user, issued

make obj

	and then

make build

The build fails soon after issuing `make build' as a normal user. Running it
as root does not suffer this problem.

I'm using 1.5T/alpha on my PC164, compiled from yesterday's -current, using
a paired down version of ALPHA, and I've updated my userland to the 20010224
snapshot from NetBSD-1.5 via tar extraction as I couldn't get the snapshot's
install kernel to boot. I remerged my /etc and everything works (including a
custom X11 build that I'm working on). The following are set in


I'm not using DESTDIR as it's not clear from UPDATING or the tracking
current HTML where this should be. If it's an arbitary point on the
filesystem, it should say so, and what permissions a user requires to make
use of it.