Subject: Re: Alcatel USB ADSL modem driver for linux released
To: Chris Gilbert <>
From: David Brownlee <>
List: current-users
Date: 03/23/2001 11:17:23
On Fri, 23 Mar 2001, Chris Gilbert wrote:

> I'd like to see it as well and I would offer to help but I don't have the
> time at the moment.
> On a first look over the downloads (once you fight all the you've not got
> flash popup windows :), it appears that they've done a Linux Kernel driver,
> under GPL, It requires:
> 	ATM support (which I think we've got, but I don't know anything about atm to
> say for sure)
> 	pppoe, which pkgsrc/net/rp-pppoe should work (and it's the recommended one)
> 	sarlib, ( seems to be something to do ATM
> cells (whatever they are :)
> Then they've provided a management utility, to do with hotplugging the modem
> in I think, however I'm wondering if it provides other functionality, eg
> uploads something to the modem (or am I just being cynical)?

	I would be money the management utility loads the firmware onto
	the modem - which means we will probably need to run it under
	linux compatability (unless we can get source for that too).

		David/absolute		-- No hype required --