Subject: Re: To where do I forward patch for ethers.c?
To: M L Riechers <>
From: Chris Gilbert <>
List: current-users
Date: 03/14/2001 23:21:10
On Wednesday 14 March 2001 10:50 pm, M L Riechers wrote:
> When we upgraded v162 to NetBSD-release-1-4 (26 February 2001,
> NetBSD 1.4.3A), we ran into a problem with rarpd: it could no longer
> find a valid entry in the /etc/ethers file for reverse translation.
> We traced it down to a problem in the src/lib/libc/net/ethers.c file,
> which the following patch fixes.

[snip patch]

> What should I do with it?

The best thing to do with bugs is to use send-pr from the box with the 
problem.  It'll then get into the bugs database so it can be tracked and get 
dealt with from there.  However in this case someone else had also spotted 
the bug, and the change to fix it (identical to what you did :) went into the 
1.4 branch yesterday.