Subject: Re: two builds on the same tree
To: Ignatios Souvatzis <>
From: Simon Burge <>
List: current-users
Date: 03/14/2001 21:47:30
Ignatios Souvatzis wrote:

> On Wed, Mar 14, 2001 at 10:36:19AM +1100, Simon Burge wrote:
> > Another option is to use MAKEOBJDIRPREFIX (see make(1) and
> > /usr/share/mk/bsd.README for info).
> > 
> > I have MAKEOBJDIRPREFIX=/usr/obj and /usr/src is NFS mounted
> > read-only on most of my machines.
> Hm? doesn't it need to write the the symlinks?

There are no symlinks with MAKEOBJDIRPREFIX.  If you are in the
directory /foo/bar/baz and have MAKEOBJDIRPREFIX set to /usr/obj,
typing "make obj" will create the directory /usr/obj/foo/bar/baz
but no symlink in the current directory.  Then, from make(1):

    If MAKEOBJDIRPREFIX is set, then make will chdir(2) to ${MAKEOBJDIRPRE-
    FIX}${.CURDIR} if it exists.  Otherwise if MAKEOBJDIR and the named di-
    rectory exists make will chdir(2) to it.  These actions are taken before
    any makefiles are read which is why they need to be set in the environ-

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