Subject: Re: closer this time
To: Brian Hechinger <>
From: Chris Gilbert <>
List: current-users
Date: 03/13/2001 20:40:32
On Tuesday 13 March 2001  8:36 pm, Brian Hechinger wrote:
> Chris Gilbert drunkenly mumbled...
> > if you don't want to let it loose outside of /usr/src then you could set
> > your DESTDIR env or add it to /etc/mk.conf.  It'll do the build into that
> > dir, so you can safely do a make build and it will create all output
> > files in there it'll also source .h files from there as well.  (note that
> > intermediate files are in /usr/src or whatever your OBJDIR settings)  see
> > the comments in /usr/src/Makefile (or where ever your top level make file
> > is.)
> ok, i'll give that a shot when i get home (in less than half an hour) and
> continue on with my life i supose. :)
> the question is, am i adding extra complexity for no good reason?  is there
> a good reason for me to do it this way?  i'm just wondering if i'm being
> overly paranoid about this.

Certainly I'd recommend doing it for upgrading from 1.5 to current as 
allsorts of things can happen (of which the important one is to look in the 
top level UPDATING file :) When I did the first update I prefered it in it's 
own sandbox.   However once you've got it through one complete build, just 
remove the DESTDIR and put current into / (obviously make backups etc).  
Currently I just do a make build into /  Works most of the time.

Biggest thing missing from make build is that upgrading /etc has no easy way 
to do so, but then this is bleeding edge development :)