Subject: Re: closer this time
To: Chris Gilbert <>
From: Brian Hechinger <>
List: current-users
Date: 03/13/2001 15:36:32
Chris Gilbert drunkenly mumbled...
> if you don't want to let it loose outside of /usr/src then you could set your 
> DESTDIR env or add it to /etc/mk.conf.  It'll do the build into that dir, so 
> you can safely do a make build and it will create all output files in there 
> it'll also source .h files from there as well.  (note that intermediate files 
> are in /usr/src or whatever your OBJDIR settings)  see the comments in 
> /usr/src/Makefile (or where ever your top level make file is.)

ok, i'll give that a shot when i get home (in less than half an hour) and
continue on with my life i supose. :)

the question is, am i adding extra complexity for no good reason?  is there a
good reason for me to do it this way?  i'm just wondering if i'm being overly
paranoid about this.

thanks for the help,