Subject: Re: closer this time
To: Chris Gilbert <>
From: Brian Hechinger <>
List: current-users
Date: 03/13/2001 12:29:20
Chris Gilbert drunkenly mumbled...
> Using CVS from yesterday morning here, did a complete build last night, 
> worked fine (this was on i386 not alpha though)

that would be good news if i owned x86 hardware. :)

> what version of /usr/include/stdlib.h have you got?  shquote is prototyped in 
> there, it was added in v1.53.  Are you running make build, make includes && 
> make or just make?

just make at this point.  make build wants to step out of /usr/src and i don't
want to do that yet.

/*      $NetBSD: stdlib.h,v 1.52 2001/02/19 22:12:41 cgd Exp $  */

in /usr/include, and

/*      $NetBSD: stdlib.h,v 1.53 2001/03/10 01:46:08 cgd Exp $  */

in /usr/src/include

hmm, maybe trying to skip make build is a bad idea?