Subject: Re: data corruption using gzip
To: Todd Kover <>
From: Manuel Bouyer <>
List: current-users
Date: 03/11/2001 15:08:06
On Fri, Mar 09, 2001 at 10:51:51AM -0500, Todd Kover wrote:
> It appears that I'm not nuts...
> Here's my story:
> I have a ~1mo old system (asus a7v, athalon 1k, 1 DIMM of 256m pc133
> ECC memory, 2 IBM 45g 7200 IDE disks on the primary ATA/100 IDE bus and
> one 18g seagate LVD drive on an adaptec LVD contoller and a DLT4k on
> another adaptec scsi-2 controller there's also an unused by netbsd pci
> soundblaster live, an intel etherexpress pro10/100+ card, and a matrox
> g450 video card, so I'm not accused of being incomplete).
> [...]
> I've found that I was able to get the problem to not happen once on the
> LVD drive, but only once. (/, swap, /usr are all on the LVD drive as
> well as home directories).  Copying this same dump to one of either of
> the IDE disks and restoring the .gz file yielded something that gzcat
> found to be corrupt.  (this is an ~3gb dump image).

There are known problems with some VIA IDE controllers, leading to data
corruption. I actually suspect a chipset bug, as I've see this on machines
with a 265MB simm, but not on the exact same machine with a 64MB simm
(and I'm *sure* the 265MB simm is OK). I didn't find the time to look at this
more closely yet.

Manuel Bouyer <>