Subject: Re: two builds on the same tree
To: Chris Gilbert <>
From: Andrew Brown <>
List: current-users
Date: 03/09/2001 12:40:21
>> while using the same source tree (shared via nfs) to update two
>> machines simultaneously, with
>> MAKEOBJDIRPREFIX!=echo /usr/obj/${MACHINE}-on-`uname -m`
>You might be confusing it with the above line, you probably don't need the 
>/usr/obj bit, as you should have BSDOBJDIR set.  Do you really need the above 
>line?  you'll end up with objdir names such as i386-on-i386.i386, the .i386 
>is appended by the OBJMACHINE, if you just have OBJMACHINE set you get dir 
>names such as obj.i386.

i think i just confused myself.  yes, i should be using BSDOBJDIR
instead.  setting MAKEOBJDIRPREFIX had the effect that the dirs were
made, but not the symlinks.  *sigh*

>> which makes me wonder.  obviously i can't use the one i built in the
>> objdirs, since that might be targeted for another arch, yet i
>> similarly can't use the one in the source tree because someone else
>> might have built that.  maybe this should just be installed as part of
>> the normal build process?  is there an easy solution to this, or do i
>> have to wait for the alpha to finished before doing the sparc?
>No need to wait, I build for arm32, i386 and sparc out of the same tree, my 
>mk.conf looks like:

these i'll have to look at again.  thanks for the list.

>I then just run make obj by hand (takes too long on machines if something 
>stops it building) and then do make build.  I then end up with /usr/obj 
>obj.arm32 obj.i386  obj.sparc

what i was trying to do was segregate the natively built objects from
the cross compiled ones.

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