Subject: USB debugging help? (iMac keyboard again)
To: None <>
From: Todd Whitesel <>
List: current-users
Date: 03/05/2001 03:32:56
Just tried a fresh -current kernel on my 1.4.3 iMac...
(MAKE_BOOTSTRAP is your friend!)

However, I see that the iMac keyboard is still causing a kernel panic,
and my "Great Quality" genero USB keyboard still goes dead by the time
the root filesystem is mounted (or attempted, currently I rely on being
about to tell it the correct root partition on the local disk -- such
things did work as of 1.4.2).

So far, all of 1.5 and later are zero-for-zero on my iMac. This stopped
working in the middle of 2000 when some console cleanups went in and
exposed whatever it is that has been busted on my iMac.

I've tried USB_DEBUG and set a few of the {ohci,ukbd,uhub}debug variables
to 20, but they don't seem to be printing much -- I'm pretty sure I redid
config and make depend correctly, though. Hmm.

Anyway, could somebody familiar with USB debugging give me some pointers
here. I've had a nice 333Mhz grape iMac sitting here not doing much because
it can only run 1.4.x, and what I really need it for is -current.

Todd Whitesel
toddpw @