Subject: Re: warning: null format string
To: None <>
From: Ignatios Souvatzis <>
List: current-users
Date: 03/05/2001 07:23:34
On Mon, Mar 05, 2001 at 09:40:49AM +0900, wrote:
> >I'm playing around with netbsd for the first time, and have decided to
> >take the plunge and actually build and use -current. I noticed that some
> >effort is being made to make the source tree survive being run with gcc
> >-Werror. There seems to be a problem with things that pass NULL as the
> >format string to the <err.h> functions: 
> 	it is legal to pass NULL as format string to err() and friends.
> 	not sure how we can workaround/fix this.

cmg didn't read UPGRADING, and failed miserably.

Basically, you need to FIRST build a new compiler and install it, THEN a 
make build. We*) tought it about NULL format strings during the format string
cleanup just before 1.5.


Bill Sommerfeld, a bit of me, Havard Eidness and a few other people.