Subject: Re: Problem building ispell
To: Mark White <>
From: Ruibiao Qiu <>
List: current-users
Date: 02/28/2001 14:36:20
On Wed, 28 Feb 2001, Mark White wrote:

>Ruibiao Qiu writes:
>> I have the following problem building ispell on a 1.5R i386 box.
>> Can somebody tell me what should I do?  Thanks
>These problems look like they're to do with sort -- when did
>you last rebuild userland?  (There were some problems with
>sort crashing during ispell builds, a few weeks ago, but
>this looks like a slightly different problem)

My last "make build" is on Feb 7.  So are most of my /usr/bin/* (including
sort).  So, should I just rebuild sort after an update?