Subject: Re: mail configuration
To: Martin Husemann <>
From: David W. Talmage <>
List: current-users
Date: 02/22/2001 08:57:34
>> This is a feature, not a bug. The only reason for a dialup user to not use
>> your ISP's server for outgoing mail is if you want to evade limits placed on
>> traffic there...
>You don't know that. There are other, quite valid reasons.

Hey!  I'm a "dialup" user and I run sendmail.  I run it so that the mailing 
lists I administer are always available.  I get wireless service from and it's "always on", which means that occasionally I get bupkus 
(e.g. while they're tuning for deployment of 128K) but mostly it's there.

See if you like.  The web page tells what else I run 
on this box.  0verkill isn't running but I think everything else is.  I hope I 
don't get slashdotted because of this.