Subject: Re: mail configuration
To: None <>
From: Jay Maynard <>
List: current-users
Date: 02/21/2001 13:23:23
On Wed, Feb 21, 2001 at 12:23:15AM -0500, wrote:
> The world just gets unfriendlier and unfriendlier... I guess
> UUNet got tired of getting the brunt of complaints that should have
> been leveled at all those other people running open mail relays; now
> all the rest of us have to "dumb down" our mail agents. Bah. :-(

This is a feature, not a bug. The only reason for a dialup user to not use
your ISP's server for outgoing mail is if you want to evade limits placed on
traffic limits on number of recipients for a message, or number
of messages per minute. Many sites reject mail sent directly from dialups,
anyway, via the MAPS RSS list.

Yes, closing open relays is good, but how many of the open relays throughout
China and Japan and Korea have ever responded to relaying complaints? (No,
ORBS is not the answer, at least not until they stop cracking sites
actively themselves.)