Subject: Re: mail configuration
To: None <>
From: John F. Woods <>
List: current-users
Date: 02/21/2001 10:48:32
> It seems that some dns lookup is done now in mailers that can't resolve
> unless perhaps your machine is configured to use the ip name/address that
> is dynamically set via pppd? ... It has always been easy to just send your
> mail to the recipient directly when using unix. Now, slowly it is changing
> to unless you are in the "static ip club" you are blocked out. ...
> It appears that this kneejerk anti-spam reaction has gone way too far
> into the non-useability range.

Aha.  What you need to do is relay all of your mail to TIAC's SMTP server,
which will (presumably) authenticate you and thus reassure the target mailer
that you aren't a PPP spammer.  Note that this model of email has been in use
at many universities and businesses for a lot longer than spam has been a
problem.  And as to "kneejerk anti-spam reaction", my system probably
receives ten times as much spam from PPP accounts as actual email from 
people on PPP accounts.

> If anyone has solved this I would appreciate instructions. It
> is actually so bad that now most times I can only reply to the
> mail list, as recipients reject my replies when I try to talk
> up. Some form of censoring? 

Welcome to the modern Internet.  Get used to it, I'm afraid.  (I *knew*
switching over from NCP was a bad idea, but did they listen to me?)