Subject: Re: mlxctl typo
To: Tyrel Beede <>
From: Kevin Sindhu <>
List: current-users
Date: 02/14/2001 14:17:59
Did you do a cvs update on the file after you found this? Or do cvs -ann 
filename | more to see who modified it last?

Compile errors in the main cvs tree are very rare...


At 02:54 PM 2/14/01 -0800, Tyrel Beede wrote:

>I was doing a <make obj build> and it failed at
>dependall ==> usr.bin/mlxctl
>telling me that cmds.c at line 330: warnx has too many args
>I looked at the source and it looks like somebody typo'ed and there
>should be a %s added in the string to make it work, I'm not really sure
>who to tell this to but I figured this list might be right :-)
>my cvs checkout of the source is from 02/12/01 in the evening....