Subject: Is anyone using an Adaptec 29160N SCSI card with NetBSD-macppc?
To: , <>
From: Monroe Williams <>
List: current-users
Date: 02/14/2001 01:57:26
I'm looking for reports of any experiences (positive or negative) with
NetBSD-macppc and the Adaptec 29160N before I buy one.  Alternate
recommendations for a fast/wide SCSI card would also be welcome.

The mail/cvs/etc. server I administer at my place of work is a 9600/350
running NetBSD 1.4.2.  I/O bandwidth on the drive connected to the built-in
SCSI bus is becoming an issue, so I'm planning to get a new fast/wide SCSI
card and drive for the machine.  I intend to update to NetBSD 1.5 at the
same time.  

The Adaptec 29160N is at the top of my list right now, but I'm hoping to
hear from someone who has actually used one with NetBSD (preferably with a
7500-9600 class machine) before I spend the money.

I was planning to use a 2940UW we have lying around, but there's apparently
no way to boot NetBSD from this card on an OF 1.0.X machine.  (There are two
versions of the firmware for the card -- one version locks up the 7600 I'm
staging the upgrade on before the OF console comes up, and the other doesn't
have an OF 'open' word in its node in the device tree.)

-- monroe
Monroe Williams