Subject: Re: Newer openssh for netbsd-1-5?
To: Michael Graff <>
From: Greywolf <>
List: current-users
Date: 02/12/2001 13:15:29
On 12 Feb 2001, Michael Graff wrote:

# Date: 12 Feb 2001 13:12:31 -0800
# From: Michael Graff <>
# To:
# Subject: Newer openssh for netbsd-1-5?
# Is anyone working on pulling up the openssh in -current to netbsd-1-5?
# It fixes some protocol issues apparently, and makes things _appear_
# to be better since the recent security holes.


Heya, speaking of openssh, I keep getting

Disabling ssh2 protocol:  Cannot load host key

I've ktraced it and can't find any reason it's not able to load
/etc/ssh_host_dsa_key (it doesn't even try.  No ENOENT or anything.).

Can anyone hit me with a decent five-die enlightening bolt?

# --Michael

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