Subject: Re: anoncvs update problem (fwd)
To: Ruibiao Qiu <>
From: gabriel rosenkoetter <>
List: current-users
Date: 02/09/2001 01:15:45
On Fri, Feb 09, 2001 at 12:06:42AM -0600, Ruibiao Qiu wrote:
> >Go read
> >(again?).
> Well... that's exactly what I have been reading (and using).  The
> is no mentioning of CVS_RSH.  I did what a tcsh user is told to
> do, but it always failed until the CVS_RSH trick.

Ugh. That page doesn't read like I remembered it. I was actually
thinking of OpenBSD's page for the same purpose, which is much

Perhaps we could change ours to be a bit more like theirs?

At any rate, we do have a more helpful set of information here:

> How should I do it?  I did 
> setenv CVSROOT 
> but it didnt work.  Is this what you mean?

It is. Remember that you'll need to do cvs -d $CVSROOT login before
you can check anything out with pserver. (password is anoncvs.)

> Or "setenv CVS_RSH pserver"?  It would be more clear if there is
> some more information on the FAQ.  Thanks.

No, no, pserver doesn't behave at all like rsh; you had the right

Well, it's there, it's just now where it should be. Check out that
second url (/Sites/net.html#anoncvs), which lists the mirrors. Each
mirror's description explains how it would like to be contacted.

       ~ g r @