Subject: 1.5 i386 installer - Bravo!
To: BSD Current Users <>
From: Greywolf <>
List: current-users
Date: 02/08/2001 01:34:26
Greetings, I know this should go in port-i386, but I have to subscribe
there again...

After three successive self-destructions of a Linux box at work (I
have powered it down and moved it three times, and each time it
did something different), I have finally punted and gone with NetBSD
(I was holding off for a native browser build that was stable).

So I nab the two floopy images and boot 'er up.

The partitioner has had some smarts added to it, as has the networking,
tmp install dir mechanism and the fetch, and the error recovery is
magnificent by comparison to the last time I had to do a fresh install.

Kudos to everyone who contributed something to that process; my /usr
filled up while installing, and so I had to reinstall.  No biggie.
I reset the directory and it did the temp install there.

The only thing I would request of the partitioner is that if you have to
restart, it would not zero out the previous values so as to minimize the
amount of work needed to re-do the install process.

Other than that, it was by far the smoothest install of any OS I have
EVER installed.

Fetching two boot floopy images and making floopies:	 5 minutes
Answering questions:					 3 minutes
Downloading via FTP:					30 minutes
Installing the sets:					15 minutes
Configuring the X server:				 3 minutes
Being able to do most of it hands free:			 Priceless.

There are some OSs that pretend to do real work.
For everything else, there's NetBSD.