Subject: Re: Who (still) has the integer mpg123 patch for f.e. arm32 / RiscPC
To: None <>
From: Brett Lymn <>
List: current-users
Date: 02/08/2001 15:03:00
According to
>Since you mentioned performance, I'll throw in my two cents.  Using mpg123
>from pkgsrc I can listen to my mp3's and do other things like use netscape
>and compile stuff.  madplay skips even when I am doing nothing else.  I
>have an Intel p120 with 48megs of memory at the moment.

me too

Except I use xamp, which works fine as long as I don't try compiling.
With madplay the sound is chopped (it _sounds_ like I get a bit of
music followed by a short silence and then some more music, repeat
until I get sick of it) all the time and the cpu is up at 100%

BTW xamp also handles 8bit sound cards - the quality is not as good
(duh) but it you only have a laptop with 8bit sound then it is better
than listening to the conversations on the train, believe me -
anything is better than that.

Brett Lymn, Computer Systems Administrator, BAE SYSTEMS