Subject: Directories should be there?
To: None <>
From: Mark White <>
List: current-users
Date: 02/07/2001 23:48:02
[Sorry if this is an FAQ]

I'm trying to build -current userland, and keep having odd
problems with a directory where something is trying to
create output.

For example, there exists a directory in my CVS sandbox


and make in that directory dies with

  cc   -o /usr/src/usr.bin/man/man config.o man.o 
  /usr/bin/ld: cannot open output file /usr/src/usr.bin/man/man: Is a directory
  collect2: ld returned 1 exit status
  *** Error code 1


This also happens for ktrace and ktruss (and possible
others).  I can make it continue hapilly by releasing (and
deleting) those directories, but presumably that's the wrong

I'm using a K6-2/550 with 128Mb, binaries from the a recent
-current snapshot, and source updated a couple of days ago
by anoncvs from the Austrian mirror.  Previously I've built
1.5-release userland without any problems.

Mark <><