Subject: Re: aue0 interferes with ne0
To: Markus Kurek <>
From: Lennart Augustsson <>
List: current-users
Date: 02/06/2001 22:11:10
Markus Kurek wrote:

> Hi,
> Recently I added an USB<->Ethernet device for my adsl link at home.
> The device works as expected and rp-pppoe does its job too.
> The big downside is that the ne0 device reports lots of
> "receiver ring buffer overrun" messages if aue0 is configured up.
> A simple 'ifconfig aue0 up' with no other arguments like IP number is
> enough to
> bring down the performance of ne0.

This is probaly because the aue driver is really horrible and runs with
interrupts off for several milliseconds.  This problem will be fixed within
the new few weeks.

> If the aue0 interface is configured and idle systat reports a constant
> number (16)
> of IRQs on the usb device.

I'm afraid that's normal for USB-Ethernet adapters.  They seem to like to
generate (USB) traffic all the time.

    -- Lennart