Subject: Re: menu_sys.def uses asterisks for box sides
To: Jeremy C. Reed <>
From: Julian Coleman <>
List: current-users
Date: 02/04/2001 13:41:55
Jeremy C. Reed wrote:
> Is the curses ACS_VLINE and ACS_HLINE compatible across the NetBSD
> platforms?

> Basically the menuc tool (menu compiler) defaults to use
> /usr/share/misc/menu_sys.def for creating boxes.

> If this is compatible for multiple architectures, I'll submit a send-pr
> with a diff to use line drawing instead of asterisks for the box() for
> /usr/share/misc/menu_sys.def.
> On a related note, maybe the menu_sys.def's selected ">" bullet should be
> also be changed to use an ACS equivalent (ACS_RARROW or ACS_BULLET).
> Any comments?

Sysinst originated before the extensions to our in-tree curses that added
things like ACS support.  So, changing it to use ACS now sounds like a good
idea to me.  If you look at <curses.h>, you'll see defaults for the ACS
characters - if the terminal doesn't support ACS, curses will display the
default characters instead.


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