Subject: xterm v. xterm-old
To: None <>
From: gabriel rosenkoetter <>
List: current-users
Date: 02/02/2001 19:40:19
I guess I'm reasonably okay if we *must* change term types for
whatever good reasons, but I'd like someone to explain two things to

1) Why is lynx completely useless with TERM=xterm (full-on blank
white). Will recompiling it fix this? (I doubt it, since I'm pretty
sure I built it *after* installing 1.5 and its new termcaps on this

2) Why, oh why will my xterms not listen to the +vb flag? Or the
XTerm*visualBell: false setting in my .Xdefaults? I'm X forwarding
over a DSL connection. I assure you I do *not* want my screen to
flash every damn time vi beeps.

I'd be content with being told I should modify my local xterm
termcap, I guess, but since lynx seems to be broken out of the box
with the new termcap and since xterm (the program) seems to
disregard the visual bell setting with the new termcap, I'm of the
mind that something's not right.

Am I just being boneheaded somewhere?

       ~ g r @