Subject: Re: README: nawk vs. gawk
To: =?ISO-8859-1?Q?Jarom=EDr_Dolecek?= <>
From: Todd Vierling <>
List: current-users
Date: 02/02/2001 16:15:26
On Fri, 2 Feb 2001, Jaromír Dolecek wrote:

: My stance is that since we shipped with gawk until now, we have to
: provide ~full featured replacement. This means the missing GNU awk
: features need to be added to our nawk - otherwise it can't be used
: as a replacement of gawk.

That's fine too, but I did try to avoid go this far as a requirement -- as
has been demonstrated, some people want to go completely the other way and
just flag-day the thing.  I settled on a compromise--just checking that
unimplemented exceptions won't cause silent malfunctions.  But if adding the
extensions is a minor task, we can do that and be fully compatible.

Note that we can easily flag the extensions and handle --posix (as well as
the other GNU long options) fine, thanks to us now having a getopt_long().

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