Subject: Re: canonical host names in ssh
To: Christos Zoulas <>
From: Todd Vierling <>
List: current-users
Date: 02/02/2001 10:15:28
On Fri, 2 Feb 2001, Christos Zoulas wrote:

: >>The ssh in NetBSD used to canonicalize hostnames (when reading/writing
: >>known_hosts at least) but that stopped when the 2.3.0/20010105 stuff was
: >>merged in a couple of weeks ago.
: >>Was that intentional?  I liked the previous behaviour.
: >
: >	i believe the change is intentional.  it was done between
: >	openssh 2.2.0 -> 2.3.0 (the change is not local to netbsd).
: Actually, I fixed a bug in 2.2.0 where it *sometimes* did not canonicalize.
: Has the code been totally removed in 2.3.0? What is the justification?

Why is not canonicalizing hostnames a bug?  I'd consider that a very
important feature, which I had been using:

I have several machines behind a NAT box, because I only receive one IP
from my provider.  There are several "rdr" ports pointing to the various ssh
servers on each machine, at different ports, but each machine has a
different "hostname" (CNAMEs to the same place, externally).

In my .ssh/config, I have "Port" directives to sort out correctly which
ports go to which "machine" (actually, which "rdr" ports).  So each machine
has its own entry in known_hosts (even though they're the same IP address),
and I can see them through the NAT gateway fine.

This currently works on 1.5, but would it have broken with this "fix" to
2.2.0 that you mention?

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