Subject: Re: kern/11627
To: Rob Quinn <>
From: Jon Lindgren <>
List: current-users
Date: 01/31/2001 10:33:08
On Wed, 31 Jan 2001, Rob Quinn wrote:

> > This open pr relates to attaching an EISA bus twice (which happens on my
> > proliant 5000 under 1.5).
>  Both of my Tecras (8100 and 8000(?)) have a similar problem with two isa's,
> but only when docked. The fix is to edit your kernel config file and change the
> "isa*" (or whatever) to "isa0".

Yeah, I figured that'd work, but then I need to generate a set of install
floppies, which I still can't figure out unfortunately.  That's just a
matter of time, tho...

> > Is it necessary to panic under this situation?
>  Until there's a real solution, can't we at least change the default i386
> INSTALL config?

Nope - that may affect other machines - that's why I was trying to go the
general approach.  I don't see why the GENERIC kernel shouldn't
work.  Plus, I'd rather fix (or help fix ;-) the problem rather than work
around it.

Thanks for the ideas!

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