Subject: Status of and sup scanner
To: None <>
From: John Darrow <>
List: current-users
Date: 01/30/2001 16:26:34
As recently as 2001-01-01, the sup scanner could be counted on to start
up sometime in the morning, and would generally finish its run in a
couple hours or so.

After January 2 (the same day that XFree 4.0.2 was imported), the sup
scan behavior started becoming more erratic.  Scan starting times would
vary from early morning to midday to evening.  The 'mirror' piece of the
scan would often take up to six hours by itself (as opposed to two hours
total for _all_ the pieces).  And the file listing at the end, which had
before taken between 30 minutes and an hour, began taking up to five

Now, since the separation out of the sup scan runs for release-1-4 and
release-1-5 to another job, the times have gotten even more erratic.
I've seen two of the supposedly 'tri-weekly' release runs in the past
two days (though these were most likely manually triggered due to the
bind 8.2.3 pullup), but the 'daily' current (and pkgsrc) runs have been
erratic, sometimes completely missing a day or two.  (I haven't seen one
since Saturday morning)  And those that do run, despite usually starting
in the morning, don't finish until late at night (a twelve or more hour
run time, as opposed to the two or so hours before).  And the 'release'
sup scan pair also takes more than twelve hours (the last run had the
release-1-4 finishing Jan 29 at 15:06, the release-1-5 not until Jan 30
at 06:05).

This makes it hard to get a consistent pulldown of files via sup, as, by
the time I receive the cvs update email, it's hard to be sure that
another sup scan hasn't already started...

Has anything been done to the configuration of this machine that would
have caused such a tremendous slowdown, or is this a load issue?  If it
is, would it make sense to, perhaps, try to separate and onto separate machines?  Or maybe some other kind of
separation would work better?

(I continue to be proud to use and support NetBSD, and I hope that the
little bits I've been able to contribute back have been helpful...)


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