Subject: Re: koi8 locale
To: None <>
From: None <>
List: current-users
Date: 01/21/2001 02:00:59
>> 	done in repository (so will be included in next supscan).
>> 	i have no idea if the content is correct, so please comment if
>> 	there are any issues.
>Thank you! Though it will be hard to comment, as it is my possibly mistaken
>impression that LC_COLLATE needs some support in libc? (The way to check the
>database would be to see whether strcoll gives a different sort order under
>a different locale...) I grabed an LC_COLLATE file out of PR 11546, but 
>got for example from perl:

	at this moment there's no LC_COLLATE support yet in libc.  i'm not
	sure which LC_COLLATE file format is better to support.  there are
	multiple file formats used - freebsd (by Alex Tatmanjants), PR 11546
	(by christos), and probably glibc uses different file format.
	also it bothers me when they support 8bit characters only...