Subject: Re: Why my life is sucking. Part 2.
To: Lennart Augustsson <>
From: Greywolf <>
List: current-users
Date: 01/17/2001 10:18:57
On Wed, 17 Jan 2001, Lennart Augustsson wrote:

# Date: Wed, 17 Jan 2001 08:43:04 -0500
# From: Lennart Augustsson <>
# To: Herb Peyerl <>
# Cc:
# Subject: Re: Why my life is sucking. Part 2.
# Herb Peyerl wrote:
# > thinking about going back to 1.4.3 or installing Solaris.  Definitely
# > not having a good time here.
# Well, some advice: don't use raid, don't use softdep.

That's a lose.  We provide functionality which is then suggested to be
avoided; isn't that more like DYSfunctionality?

FWIW, softdep for me is better than async -- I got all sorts of panics while
mounted async and trying to umount a mounted filesystem, even after I
typed 'sync' (i realise the two may not be related).

Mounting sync is too slow without softdeps.  I like that mkdir change,
that's way cool...

Some things are still definitely unstable in 1.5; my CDRW and 4mm
went from working to non-working for a while.

As far as RAID goes, I think some serious stress-testing needs
to happen (thanks, Herb, for starting on it; perhaps an individual
with non-critical data could step forward and take over? :-).

I don't have anything to raid with; I'm using ccd for the concatenation
of two dissimilar disks (were they similar, I'd have used raid).

I'll go chew on my foot now, since I can't seem to do anything else
useful with my mouth (or, in this case, my keyboard, but sticking
one's foot in one's keyboard is usually detrimental to both parties).

*BSD: Linux without the hype.