Subject: Re: CVS bloat?
To: Andrew Brown <>
From: Chris Gilbert <>
List: current-users
Date: 01/11/2001 10:18:45
On Thursday 11 January 2001  1:51 am, Andrew Brown wrote:
> >> Will 3.3.* even be replaced or will both X versions stay there?
> >
> >3.3.x should be replaced, BUT that will take a long time :(
> >4.x doesn't support all old hardware and maybe never will do it.
> can i just cd xsrc/xfree and make and make install?  i understand that
> it will stuff all over /usr/X11R6, but will everything else "just
> work" with it installed?  does it have support for wsmouse in it yet?
> i ask because it seems that 4.0.2 is my *only* hope for getting x
> working on my toshiba 7200.

I had a similair issue with a voodoo 5, it's only supported under 4.0.x 
releases.  It's worth reading the RELNOTES, it lists a few things that might 
be needed in the config/cf/host.def, eg if you've got perl it can do a few 
more fonts :)  If you have freetype 2 installed you need to add a define in 
there to point to it (it's in pkgsrc)  But yes you can just do make then make 
install and it will install.

There's also a README.NetBSD file somewhere in the tree, try 
programs/Xserver/hw/xfree86/doc.  Other issues are things like if you've got 
xpm or Mesa packages installed you might have to rebuild they are now part of 
the X server.  (pkgsrc is already supports xfree86 4, and has done for a 

I'm not sure if this is a generic thing or just the voodoo, but I seem to 
loose my consoles if I start up the xserver.  They're still there, but they 
don't display if I try to switch back to them.  (note that I'm working on 
configuring the X build to only do a wscons one.