Subject: NetBSD 1.5/i386 Binary Packages 2-CD-set available
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From: Hubert Feyrer <>
List: current-users
Date: 01/10/2001 20:03:54

                    NetBSD 1.5/i386 Binary Packages 2-CD-set


                                   What is it?

   The 3rd party software team of the NetBSD Project is proud to be able to
   provide a 2-CD-set with precompiled binary packages for the i386 port of
   NetBSD 1.5. The CDs are based on the NetBSD Packages Collection (pkgsrc)
   as of start of January 2001. At that time, pkgsrc included almost 1800
   applications ranging from shell tools over mail, web and other server
   software, various programming languages and a lot of programs for
   scientific applications to productivity software like KDE and the GNOME
   desktop environments, the Mozilla web browser and the GNU image
   manipulation program, GIMP. Many applications are ready for IPv6 to
   explore the full potential of NetBSD 1.5.

   Some of the highlights of this compilation include: Apache 1.3.14, BIND
   4/8/9, Civilisation Call To Power (demo version), Ghostscript 6.01, GNOME
   1.2.4, GNU Emacs 20.7, Heretic 2 (demo version), JDK 1.1.8, KDE 1.1.2,
   Mozilla 0.6, perl-5.6.0, Perl 5.6.0 with many modules, Quake3-Arena (demo
   version), Samba, teTeX 1.0.7, Xemacs 21.1.12.


   The CD images are available for download from the main NetBSD FTP site,, or it's mirrors. The URLs of the images are: (680MB) (660MB)

   MD5 checksums are:

     MD5 (i386pkg1.iso) = 7bc7b65624a6e155f8e789254edcca72
     MD5 (i386pkg2.iso) = 3c8792a8f0f179b0f5d4ce0e7a0b242d

   All binary packages available on these two CDs are also available for
   individual download and/or direct installation via pkg_add(1) from the
   NetBSD binary packages repository at the following URL:


   The Docs contains a full list in the Docs/README-all.html file as well as
   a browsable index sorted by pkg category in the Docs/README.html file. A
   list of all IPv6-enabled applications is available in the
   Docs/README-IPv6.html file. There is also a compiled index in Docs/INDEX.

   A small number (3) of packages was removed to fit everything into two CDs,
   and a number of binary packages was not included due to license restrictions
   on these packages. The missing packages are available for building from
   pkgsrc, and if you agree to the license agreement, feel free to build
   and install these packages on your machine. We're unfortunately not allowed
   to distribute them. See the Docs/README.REMOVED file for a full list of
   binary packages that were removed.

                            Documentation & Support

   The binary packages included in this 2-CD-set can be installed with the
   pkg_add(1) command.

   There may be problems when installing a package if a required package
   (dependency) is on the other CD. Just change CDs and install that
   dependency manually then (using pkg_add(1) again), then proceed with the
   original package. Sorry for that fuzz - if someone has suggestions on how
   to handle this better, please post to!

   Further information on how to install the binary packages, the NetBSD
   Packages System and the NetBSD Packages Collection can be found in the
   Docs/Packages.txt and Docs/packages.html files. If you need further help,
   try these resources on the Internet:

     * Mailing lists are NetBSD's primary support forum. For information,
       send mail with "help" in body to, an archive of
       all available mailing lists is available at

       Mailing lists are NetBSD's primary support forum, recommended lists

          * for general questions
          * for package related questions

     * NetNews: comp.unix.bsd.netbsd.misc, de.comp.os.bsd

     * FTP download: The main repository for NetBSD packages is at

     * WWW: Visit us at!

                                  Legal Notice

   The binary packages on this CDs are distributed in compliance with their
   individual licenses. The compilation as a whole is Copyright (c) 2001 by
   the NetBSD Project. The CD images are provided for non-profit use. If you
   make any money from this or even just feel like it, you're welcome to make
   donations to the NetBSD Project. Contact

 - Hubert Feyrer,
   The NetBSD Project

*** Hubert Feyrer <>
*** FB Informatik, FH Regensburg, Pruefeningerstr. 58, 93048 Regensburg