Subject: Re: Maestro driver working (was: Maestro 2E in FreeBSD 4.2 working)
To: Luke Mewburn <>
From: Dr. Rene Hexel <>
List: current-users
Date: 01/09/2001 13:30:46
"Rene Hexel" wrote:

> Luke Mewburn wrote:
> > Is this a bug in the driver or a bug in the 5000e's wiring of the
> > internal speakers?
>   From the definitions in the header files (which have been about my
> only "documentation" in this respect), the driver seems to do it the
> wrong way here.  However, sifting through the comments in the "other"
> drivers it seems like there actually may be different wirings on
> different hardware!
>   Well, since the 5000e seems to be consistent with what the header
> files say, I will swap this for the moment.  We might be needing some

  Now it starts getting interesting: while I can easily swap the left
and the right channel in my driver, the only thing this accomplishes is
to change whether the left samples are fed to the left or to the right
channel (and vice versa for the right samples).

  Volume settings are handled by the AC'97 mixer driver which is generic
for all AC'97 sound cards.  I must admit that my knowledge of AC'97 is
not intimate enough to know how to fix this.  Especially since this
affects a lot of sound drivers.

  Any ideas on how to fix this are welcome.