Subject: Re: Maestro driver working (was: Maestro 2E in FreeBSD 4.2 working)
To: Bruno Flavio <>
From: Dr. Rene Hexel <>
List: current-users
Date: 01/08/2001 21:17:32
Bruno Flavio wrote:

> As for the snapshot, well, that would mean hosing my -release, installing
> that snapshot, and then downloding -current and upgrading..

  Sorry, I may not have been clear here: I wasn't talking about a NetBSD
snapshot, but about the snapshot of the maestro driver.  You downloaded
`maestro-netbsd-20010107.tar.gz', which only works for -current.  For
-release, you need to download `maestro-netbsd-20010106.tar.gz' (that
was what I was referring to with "20010107") as well.

  Now, if you already have applied the patches from
`maestro-netbsd-20010107.tar.gz' (and are getting this `pci_intr_map()'
failure), all you have to do is `cd /sys' and unpack
`maestro-netbsd-20010106.tar.gz' there (over your NetBSD-release
sources).  Compiling should work then.

  Hope this helps.