Subject: Re: 1.5Q: tcpdump vs. wi0?
To: John Hawkinson , Rafal Boni <>
From: Tero Kivinen <>
List: current-users
Date: 01/03/2001 18:07:02
> In message <>, jhawk writes: 
> -> |      I've got a 1.5Q kernel from ~ 12/29/00 running on my laptop and
> -> |      while attempting to track down some issues with my new lucent 
> -> |      802.11b card found an interesting symptom...
> -> I have no problems with -current from 12/27 and a Lucent silver card.
> -> What's your firmware version?
> It's a Gold card with the "Winter 2001" Firmware (I think that's 6.16),
> which I just loaded after getting the card, so I don't have any experience
> (good or bad) with older firware versions.
> -> |      Please let me know, if I don't hear anything I'll send-pr it in
> -> |      a day or two.
> -> It's definitely a bug.
> I'll send-pr then when I can spare a couple of minutes to reproduce, 
> maybe try a newer kernel, collect versions of relevant code, etc.

Are you using the ad-hoc mode or the base station mode, and if you are
using base station mode are you pinging other machine that is also on
the wireless network or is it behind the base station.

If you try to ping the another wireless node, it does not work when
the interface is in the promiscuous mode. The reason is that you see
the arp replies from the real wireless node directly that are not
directed to you, thus you start sending the packets directly to the
wireless node instead of sending them to the base station. 

I have noticed the same problem but it is related to running the wi
device in promiscuous mode and connecting to machines that are on the
same wireless network than me. It also depends on about the machine
you are pinging to, some of those simply reject all packets not coming
from the base station or something (I think the macintosh did that...).
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