Subject: Re: -current setlocale() problems
To: Geoff Wing <>
From: None <>
List: current-users
Date: 12/25/2000 18:24:14
>:>	yes. there's some weird sideeffect ni setlocale(LC_ALL).  it is
>:>	a bug.  i'll look into it soon.  thanks.
>:	lib/libc/locale/setlocale.c 1.31 should fix it.
>:	please test and report.
>Works fine.  Failed properly.  I had a bit of a problem trying to test
>with a success until I noticed I was doing it on Big5 encoding (oops -
>forgot that multibyte wasn't ready yet :-) )
>Noticed this reverses the error checks from v1.29 but I presume that's
>a side effect of your return value changes from the other routines(?).

	i'm trying to clean up multibyte locale handling code.  please hold...

>Another question someone may be able to answer:  why are directories in
>/usr/share/locale without encoding methods (eg. en_AU) being created?
>Ah, may have thought of the answer.  They're sitting there for some
>potential LC_MESSAGES files, right?  Though shouldn't we be creating
>those directories when the parents are created?

	on my system there's LC_CTYPE under:
	i don't see empty en_AU directory.

>:#	we need some regression test suite.
>Yes.  What's the general rule about those who suggest such things become
>responsible for them?  :-)

	there's Japanese saying for this rule ("ii-dasi-ppe no ho-so-ku") ;-)