Subject: Re: wi0 encryption (with PRISM 2)
To: None <>
From: Peter Seebach <>
List: current-users
Date: 12/24/2000 11:42:57
In message <>, John Hawkinson writes:
>The Airport and the Apple software use an unspecified
>string-to-key function to produce the key from the string you give it.
>But the "password" is not the actual key. Try configuring the
>access point using the java Airport configurator, or specify the
>key in hex on your macintosh by using a leading $.

It's not that, I had the Apple talking to the D-Link hub just fine,
using the $xx... thing.

>It would be good to describe the status of your card's LEDs
>when you enable and disable encryption, as well as giving the output
>of 'wiconfig'. Statements like 'stops working' are sufficiently
>hard to interpret that they require more work than if you provided
>the hard data...

Ahh.  Link LED stays on, activity LED flickers, which is what it does when the
network is working.  "stops working" means it reports good signal/noise ratio,
good signal strength.  It just can't exchange packets with anyone.  It does
come up with the right network name, and it shows an nwkey of 0x..., so it
looks as though it should work.

If I turn off encryption on the other machines, and do "wiconfig wi0 -e 0",
everything talks fine, so I'm pretty much assuming this is just a question
of the encryption.