Subject: wscons and XF86_3DLabs problem
To: None <,>
From: Markus W Kilbinger <>
List: current-users
Date: 12/23/2000 14:40:09

I noticed the following problem of wscons (ttyE*) and XF86_3DLabs on
at least to machines (NetBSD 1.5 / i386):

While each (4 ttyE's and one XF86_3DLabs (vt05)) is working correctly
for itself, switching (Ctrl-Alt-F{1,2,3,4,5}) back from the X11
display to the ttyE's only works 2-3 times. After that the display
becomes completely black, but seems to react normally on keyboard
events. The re-switch back to the X11 display works! So the ttyE' 'are

This problem does not occur with XF86_S3, but is identical with 2
XF86_3DLabs. Playing around with wsconscfg and with or without apertur
didn't change anything.

Is this a known problem?

Any hint appreciated,