Subject: Re: Linksys LNE100TX Ethernet Card and NetBSD 1.5
To: Dave Daniels <>
From: Brian Stark <>
List: current-users
Date: 12/19/2000 10:20:27
On Tue, 19 Dec 2000, Dave Daniels wrote:

> I know that this is a question that has come up a number of times
> over the last few months for NetBSD 1.4.
> I know that the LNE100TX card has caused problems to people
> running NetBSD/i386 because it was not supported in NetBSD 1.4 (or
> was it that the latest version of the card was not supported?)
> Anyway, I was given to understand that it would be supported in
> NetBSD 1.5. However, having just installed 1.5 I find that the
> card still does not work. Was support added in 1.5 or have I
> misunderstood what people said?
> I am not sure that card is even being identified correctly.
> When NetBSD is booted, the following message is printed:
> ADMtek product 0x0985 (ethernet network, revision 0x11) at
>     pci0 dev 10 function 9 not configured
> Is there something wrong here? Can anybody suggest anything
> that I could try?
> Dave Daniels

Hi Dave,

I'm sending this reply to the current-users list as well because there
are some people that read that list that have emailed me about the
LNE100TX card in the past.

Support for the newer Linksys LNE100TX cards which use the ADMtek AN983
chip are still not working. Someone (not sure who) has implemented
some code in NetBSD-current to try to detect cards which have the AN983
and the AN985. However, that code does not work correctly and identifies
my AN983 as an AN985. I can't access my network through my LNE100TX card,
and the exact error messages escape me for the moment (I don't have
access to my NetBSD machine from here at work).

I have copies of the specifications for both the ADMtek AL981, AN983,
and AN985 chips. The code in NetBSD current should be matching the number
0x0985 to the AN9893, and the number 0x1985 to the AN985, but it is not
doing that.

I updated my NetBSD current source tree last night and meant to do some
more testing in this area with my LNE100TX card, but didn't get around to
testing anything because of a compile problem in if_sl.c. I will update my
source tree again today and try to test.

The Linksys LNE100TX card seems to be extremely popular these days... It
is the only card I see available at the Best Buy electronic stores here in
the Minneapolis area. It would be nice if this was working in NetBSD.



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