Subject: Re: ray driver, Pro cards, and Windows
To: Atsushi Onoe <>
From: Andrew Gillham <>
List: current-users
Date: 12/13/2000 06:47:46
Atsushi Onoe writes:
> > You need to update the firmware of the WaveLAN card for NetBSD also to 6.x.
> You can find the firmware at following url:

Ok, I ended up updating it anyway.  There is a "6.16" version under the
Orinoco directory.  It is now working nicely with the updated drivers for
Windows.  Thanks again!
The file is:

If you just grab the driver (from .../PC_Card/your-os) it includes the firmware update files. (at least win98_ME driver does)

Also, should wiconfig be in /sbin instead of /usr/sbin?  I needed to add
the "wiconfig wi0 -p 1" on my laptop, but it doesn't work in netstart.local
due to /usr not being available.  Thus dhclient fails, then ypbind, etc. :(
Copying it to /sbin/wiconfig works if I relink it static.

> To confirm current version, run the attached program:
> 	% ./wi wi0 fd20
> 	fd20: 001f 0001 0006 0004
> I guess 0006 is the major version and 0004 is the minor.

FWIW, mine says:
fd20: 001f 0001 0006 0010

Allegedly the 6.16 version works on any Orinoco or WaveLAN/IEEE card, and
has a couple of interesting fixes.


[ excerpt from Readme.txt ]
3.1 Station Functions firmware v 6.16              Winter 2001

    The following problems have been solved:
    - Problems with Network Name ANY in Peer-to-Peer (IBSS) mode
      have been corrected.
    - Security with encryption in Peer-to-Peer (IBSS) mode has been
      improved. Previously, a connection could be set up between a
      station with encryption enabled and a station with encryption
      disabled and these stations would communicate in the clear.
      Note that a station that did not have encryption enabled with the
      correct key, could not intercept the (encrypted) data exchanged
      between stations with encryption enabled.
      Now the implementation is such that, with encryption enabled,
      the station will always encrypt the data. All stations need to
      have encryption enabled with the same key to be able to
      communicate in the same Peer-to-Peer (IBSS) network.

3.2 Station Functions firmware v 6.06                July 2000
    The following problems have been solved:
    - A hang problem in the Site Monitor function while the station
      is in Peer-to-Peer (IBSS) mode has been solved.