Subject: Re: ray driver, Pro cards, and Windows
To: None <>
From: Atsushi Onoe <>
List: current-users
Date: 12/12/2000 16:35:05
> We should move all of this stuff into ifconfig(8) -- having wiconfig(8),
> especially with its really ugly command "syntax", is not the best way
> to go.  Most of this applies to all 802.11 devices.

I fully agree.

The problems are 1) what is the common and minimum required option, and
2) how to specify it.

There are some operation mode:

	mode                what must be specified
	infrastructure      ESSID (may be null)
	adhoc               ESSID (may be null)
	adhoc IBSS creator  ESSID and channel (beacon period?)
	old wavelan adhoc   channel

And there are combination of these mode, e.g. try infrastructure first,
then try adhoc and finally create IBSS by myself.  The problem here is
that we cannot control these behavior but just we can select predefined
behavior by firmware.

		infrastructure or IBSS, then create IBSS
		old wavelan adhoc

	PRISM-II with Lucent like firmware
		old wavelan adhoc
		(I don't know IBSS is supported or not)

	PRISM-II with Aironet
		IBSS, then create IBSS after specified timeout

		(any mode can be implemented by the driver)


My straightforward proposal to specify the mode via ifconfig is:

	media	mediaopt
	auto			try infrastructure or IBSS,
				then create IBSS only if ESSID is specified.
	auto	infrastructure	infrastructure
	auto	adhoc		try IBSS then create IBSS only if ...
	auto	adhoc,flag0	old wavelan adhoc
	DS11,DS5,DS2,DS1	same combination as above

To specify IBSS create channel, new option for ifconfig might be:

	ibsschan chan

Ugh.  The number of options for ifconfig is increasing ...
Any other idea?