Subject: Re: ray driver, Pro cards, and Windows
To: None <>
From: Atsushi Onoe <>
List: current-users
Date: 12/12/2000 02:07:42
> Do you have any idea whether this is also a problem for 'wi' cards?
> The latest Windows driver (6.x?) drops the "ad-hoc demo mode" and won't
> communicate with NetBSD in the new peer to peer mode.  I can't remember
> the exact term and I have the older (4.x?) drivers loaded. :-)

You need to update the firmware of the WaveLAN card for NetBSD also to 6.x.

After that, you can setup adhoc mode specified in 802.11 spec as follows:
	# wiconfig wi0 -p 1	(not 3=adhoc mode, but 1=bss)
	# wiconfig wi0 -c 1	(create IBSS)

In this mode, the card first tries to join BSS (access point), and try
to join IBSS (adhoc mode) if no access points are available.  Finally
it creates new IBSS if neither of BSS nor IBSS found when SSID is 
specified.  It seems that the name of created IBSS uses "network name"
of -n option, not "SSID" by -q option.

I've confirmed this IBSS mode is interoperable between the Windows driver
of BayStack 660 (DS 2Mbps).

Atsushi Onoe