Subject: Re: 1.5: panic: softdep_update_inodeblock: update failed
To: Olaf Seibert <>
From: Lennart Augustsson <>
List: current-users
Date: 12/09/2000 10:18:05
It looks like PR 11493 that I sent in a while ago.  I git the panic
under similar circumstances (i.e. heavy file system activity).

    -- Lennart

Olaf Seibert wrote:

> I was unpacking syssrc.tgz onto /home, with softdeps enabled. I use the
> 1.5 GENERIC kernel still on a VAXstation 3100 with 32M core and a 2G
> SCSI disk.
> 4-finger copy:
> panic: softdep_update_inodeblock: update failed
> Stopped in tar at       _softdep_update_inodeblock+0x135:       ret
> db>
> VAX ddb does not show stack bachtraces, it seems (no bt or where
> command).
> -Olaf.
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