Subject: Re: writing to routing socket: File exists
To: Andrew Brown <>
From: None <>
List: current-users
Date: 12/05/2000 13:27:46
>>	oops, I mean, which command (invoked from rc.conf I suppose)
>>	have put the above 128/8 route?
>that's all done from /etc/rc.d/network.  it does this:
>     ifconfig lo0
>and then next it does this:
>     route add -inet -netmask 0xff000000 -reject
>but that doesn't work.  which is why i asked in the first place.  :)

	for me these two commands work fine, and I have no problem.

	could you please do the following?
	- boot in singleuser mode
	- mount -a
	- netstat -rn
	- ifconfig lo0
	- netstat -rn
		see if we have 127/8 here.
	- route add -inet -netmask 0xff000000 -reject
		see if we see any error here.
	- netstat -rn

	if the result is different from what we see on normal multiuser
	reboot, i think there's some obsolete configuration leftover.